Security Solutions

While plans on paper often dictate tactics, techniques, and procedures for responding to various events, placing those plans into action is the often the ultimate test. PWT Solutions offers clients both passive and active physical security assessments in order to test and assess both physical and procedural defenses.

PWT Solutions offers both passive and active security assessments in order to maximize the development and testing of organization-specific threat mitigation solutions. When tasked, a team of PWT Solutions staff works hand-in-hand with client management in order to develop the best security solutions for their individualized needs. More information regarding both passive and active assessments is provided below.

Security Infrastructure Assessment

An assessment of the in-place physical security infrastructure is made in order to determine potential weaknesses which may be exploited by malicious actors.

Drill Observation and Assessment

In order to assess the functionality and practicality of current security tactics, techniques, and procedures, PWT Solutions consultants serve as third-party observers of various company internal drills. From the information gathered, a thorough after-actions review will be conducted in order to assess the effectiveness of the emergency action plans in place.

Physical Penetration Test

In coordination with organization leaders, PWT Solutions consultants will conduct a physical penetration test of target facilities. The test consists of three phases: a reconnaissance phase, execution phase, and an after-actions report/review phase. During the reconnaissance phase, PWT Solutions staff will both actively and passively collect information regarding your organization’s security procedures, as well as security infrastructure. From the information gathered, live-exploitation of weaknesses (within pre-determined scope) will take place in order to gain access. Upon completion of the exercise, a comprehensive report outlining the methods used by PWT Solutions staff will be provided and reviewed with the client management, staff, and interested parties.

Procedure Review and Revise

Following the completion of the physical penetration test, PWT Solutions consultants along with organizational security managers, conduct an intensive review of company internal security standard operating procedures. Any identified weaknesses will be addressed and met with threat mitigating solutions in order to remove exploitable gaps from the present security posture.